This Is Where I Leave You Review: Celebrating Love, Loss & Laughter

Jonathan Tropper’s novel This Is Where I Leave You has made the leap to the big screen and for starters, it’s a fantastic departure for director Shawn Levy. The man behind Real Steel and the Night at the Museum movies has terrific source material and an esteemed cast that has him creating something truly special beyond anything he has done prior.

this is where i leave you adam driver tina fey jason bateman cor This Is Where I Leave You Review: Celebrating Love, Loss & Laughter

The focus of the story is mostly on Jason Bateman’s Judd Altman, a man who believes he has it all. That is until he comes home and, as seen in the This Is Where I Leave You trailer, finds his wife in bed with his boss.

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Box-Office: ‘Maze Runner’ Takes The Top Spot, Fox Schedules Sequel For September 2015

rodrigo perez Box Office: ‘Maze Runner’ Takes The Top Spot, Fox Schedules Sequel For September 2015 Sun Sep 21 21:22:51 EDT 2014

? maze runner 2437145 Box Office: ‘Maze Runner’ Takes The Top Spot, Fox Schedules Sequel For September 2015

Well, a new young adult-franchise has been born. Made for a relatively low $ 34 million, 20th Century Fox took the #1 spot this weekend with their latest YA-entry, “The Maze Runner.” On a whopping 3,604 screens, its $ 32.5 million opening didn’t break the bank, nor did it outperform opening-weekend numbers from 2014 YA movies like “The Fault In Our Stars” or “Divergent,” but it did best YA films like “Ender’s Game” and the last “Percy Jackson” movie. And so for this more modest picture with fewer well-known stars, “The Maze Runner” did solid business. Especially when you consider that its overseas totals made for an $ 81.5 million dollar opening weekend global total. The film also did well considering its season, early September when audiences aren’t flocking to theaters. And so “The Maze Runner” opening was the 6th highest September opening ever, and course without 3D surcharges.

52% of audiences were female and while Dylan O’Brien isn’t a huge star, his stint on MTV’s “Teen Wolf” has certainly raise his exposure high enough to get the teen girls out of their homes on the weekend. All of this has been good enough for Fox. They’ve greenlit the sequel and already given it a release date. Nope not two years from now, pretty much the same time next year: September 18, 2015. Which means, they’ll be putting that film into production ASAP.

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Fantastic Fest 2014: ‘Spring’ Pushes the Boundaries of Genre Filmmaking

Spring Fantastic Fest 2014: Spring Pushes the Boundaries of Genre FilmmakingXYZ Films

Fantastic Fest is a film festival like no other — it’s rowdy and teeming with avid fans of genre films, all determined to see as many films as they can over the course of an intense seven days. Your typical film festival usually places the more provocative genre films in the midnight slot, but Fantastic Fest is nothing but genre from the time you wake up to the time you stumble back to wherever it is you’re staying for the week. These films are proving that genre doesn’t need to be singular or defined by one word (horror, action, sci-fi), and as such, they’re surprising and totally unique. The less you know about a film at this fest before going in, the better, and the more likely you are to discover something truly great.

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead, the team behind the dynamic indie thriller ‘Resolution,’ are two filmmakers who are challenging and redefining the limitations of what “genre” is and can be. With their latest film, ‘Spring,’ the pair have once again crafted an incredibly surprising film that weaves elements of science fiction, horror, drama, and, in a startling turn, romance. ‘Spring’ is a more visually mature film, with remarkable yet restrained effects work, and gorgeously eerie trappings of mythology — the kind of stuff that’s inherently intoxicating, but carry their own sort of romantic notions. It’s difficult to create something that’s both horrifying yet beautiful, but Benson and Moorehead do just that.

Of course it helps that the leads are engaging: Lou Taylor Pucci plays Evan, a nice but aimless 20-something whose mother and father have tragically died. When he goes to Italy, he falls for the mysterious Louise, played by Nadia Hilker. ‘Spring’ examines relationship dynamics: the insecurity of not knowing whether someone will be able to handle the worst of us, the desire to protect someone we care about from ourselves, and whether love is a conscious decision or a chemical reaction in our brain. How often do you walk out of a horror film contemplating relationships and love and gender dynamics that don’t involve a woman being the last person to survive a psychopath with mommy issues in a creepy mask?

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The Originals : Season 1

originals The Originals : Season 1

Plastic fangs and muscle men come together in the very well-received spin-off of teen drama ”The Vampire Diaries”.

Simmering with supernatural elements and featuring familiar and fan-favourite characters from its immensely popular predecessor, ”The Originals” centres on the original vampire family and the precarious vampire/werewolf hybrid, Klaus, who returns to the enchanted melting pot that is the French Quarter of New Orleans – a town he helped build centuries ago.

The terrific cast – who all have such great chemistry – includes Aussie actors Claire Holt and Phoebe Tonkin.

A series about the bond of kinfolk and impassioned power struggles–with a large quantity of vampiric hedonism mixed in, ”The Originals” should appeal to both fans and non-fans of ”The Vampire Diaries”.

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A Walk Among the Tombstones Review: Liam Neeson Redefines Justice

Liam Neeson has been riding a wave of middle-career action hero success since Taken became a global phenomenon. He’s back in an actioner of sorts with A Walk Among the Tombstones. The thing with this film is that Neeson’s private detective character has his fair share of action scenes, but he does so much more with his mind than with his muscle.

a walk among the tombstones stars liam neeson A Walk Among the Tombstones Review: Liam Neeson Redefines Justice

Neeson plays Matt Scudder, the character made famous in the book series by author Lawrence Block. We meet Scudder years prior to when our film takes place and he is an alcoholic NYPD detective. One day, after he’s had a few drinks, he pursues a couple of robbers — killing two of them, injuring a third and accidentally taking the life of a little girl who was caught in the crossfire.

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Weekend Box Office Report: ‘The Maze Runner’ Outpaces Liam Neeson’s ‘A Walk Among the Tombstones’

maze runner box office Weekend Box Office Report: The Maze Runner Outpaces Liam Neesons A Walk Among the Tombstones20th Century Fox

Young adult movies are big business. ‘The Maze Runner‘ took over the box office this weekend, proving that the audience for films were young people in science fiction dystopias are forced into violent and terrible predicaments extends beyond the ‘Hunger Games‘ franchise.

Film Weekend Per Screen
1 The Maze Runner $ 32,500,000 $ 9.018 $ 32,500,000
2 A Walk Among the Tombstones $ 13,126,000 $ 4,840 $ 13,126,000
3 This is Where I Leave You $ 11,860,000 $ 4,135 $ 11,860,000
4 No Good Deed $ 10,200,000 (-57.9) $ 4,690 $ 40,110,000
5 Dolphin Tale 2 $ 9,005,000 (-42.2)
$ 2,463 $ 27,070,000
6 Guardians of the Galaxy $ 5,180,000 (-36.1) $ 1,820 $ 313,669,000
7 Let’s Be Cops $ 2,650,000 (-38.9) $ 1,157 $ 77,196,000
8 Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles $ 2,650,000 (-45.4) $ 1,129 $ 185,018,000
9 The Drop $ 2,050,000 (-50.1) $ 1,720 $ 7,690,000
10 I I Stay $ 1,835,000 (-53.4) $ 774 $ 47,672,000

With $ 32 million grossed over the opening weekend, ‘The Maze Runner’ isn’t a ‘Hunger Games’ or ‘Twilight’-sized hit, but it’s respectable, especially for a September release. With little competition coming in the next few weeks, it should continue to dominate the box office for the rest of the month. The big question now is if it has a chance at $ 100 million. Maybe? Possibly?

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Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper Star In New Photos Of Delayed Period Drama ‘Serena’

theplaylist avatar Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper Star In New Photos Of Delayed Period Drama ‘Serena’ Sun Sep 21 10:15:31 EDT 2014

? jennifer lawrence bradley cooper Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper Star In New Photos Of Delayed Period Drama ‘Serena’

“ ‘Serena’ was a fluke, really,” Bradley Cooper said in an interview last month. “Jennifer [Lawrence] was attached to it when we were doing ‘Silver Linings.’ And then I looked at it, and I knew Susanne [Bier], and it was, “Why don’t we just do this together?” Well, that fluke has turned into quite the controversial and long-delayed film; one that some have called a mess that “makes no sense” and others have stood by it (including Magnolia, the film’s distributor). But there’s no denying the fact that “Serena” was almost completed two years ago and director Susanne Bier has shot and finished two entire film since then (“Love Is All You Need” and “A Second Chance”).

“Serena” is a Depression-era-set drama about newlyweds running a timber business in North Carolina, which is complicated when the wife cannot bear children. Cooper plays the husband, Lawrence the wife.

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