Ted 2 Brings Back Two Ted Stars: Who Are They?

As Seth MacFarlane is gearing up to shoot his follow-up to his wildly successful Ted ($ 550 million global gross), we’ve got news that two smaller players will return to reprise their roles in Ted 2.

ted photo Ted 2 Brings Back Two Ted Stars: Who Are They?

First, Patrick Warburton has agreed to come back — although no word on whether his love (Ryan Reynolds!) will reprise his role!

Also coming back (and thankfully so) is Jessica Barth who will return as the foul-mouthed Tami-Lynn. You might recall that Barth stole scenes left and right as Ted’s love interest.

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‘Amityville’ Trailer: Cinema’s Most Famous Haunted House Awakens…Again

The original “based on a true story” horror story, ‘The Amityville Horror,’ inspired countless adaptations, sequels, prequels and remakes, including the 2005 version starring Ryan Reynolds. Now, after nearly a decade of silence, the franchise is back with the arrival of the ‘Amityville: The Awakening’ trailer, which moves Jennifer Jason Leigh and a handful of children into that evil haunted house.

The film seems to function as a catch-all sequel to every entry that came before it, with the ‘Amityville’ trailer showing how the action moves to the modern day and the token local-guy-who-can-explain-the-history-to-the-new-characters in the form of a creepy high school student. The big twist this time around, though, is that the family living in the titular house has a severely ill son whose condition is made, well, more interesting by the demonic presence.

We’re suckers for a good haunted house movie, and ‘Amityville’ looks competent enough. We know that not every genre entry is going to be ‘The Conjuring‘ or even ‘Insidious,’ but if this can provide a few decent scares, we’ll give it the time of day. Plus, there’s the return of Jennifer Jason Leigh from wherever she’s been!

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Watch: 30-Minute Documentary ‘History Man’ About Martin Scorese And Making ‘Gangs Of New York’

?url=http%3A%2F%2Fd1oi7t5trwfj5d.cloudfront.net%2Fca%2F75%2Fed932b2e4a46aa6e8022c4368dd0%2Fgangs of new york martin scorsese leonardo dicaprio Watch: 30 Minute Documentary History Man About Martin Scorese And Making Gangs Of New York

We’re between Martin Scorsese movies at the moment, with “The Wolf Of Wall Street” in the rearview, and “Silence” coming up next. And so you might be wondering what you can do in the meantime. Well, you could catch up with the director’s list of 39 Foreign Films To See Before You Die, or you could revisit one of the director’s underrated movies, “Gangs Of New York.”

The sprawling (the original cut ran three-and-a-half hours), flawed, and undeniably entertaining movie found Scorsese using the story of the Five Points and Bill The Butcher to tell a grander story about the American immigrant experience. And the 2003 BBC4 documentary “History Man” is a 30-minute look at the movie that goes deep, not just into the making of the film, but exploring Scorsese’s personal connection to the material and his thematic vision for the final film. It’s a must watch for Scorsese heads.

Check it out below and while we’re here, what ever happened to that “Gangs Of New York” TV series that was developing? [35MM]

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Sin City A Dame to Kill For Review: Sinful, And Not in a Good Way

It may have taken nine years to follow up Sin City, but Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller are back at it again with Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and it does have several things going for it.

mickey rourke sin city a dame to kill for Sin City A Dame to Kill For Review: Sinful, And Not in a Good Way

The cast is clearly much more comfortable acting in a green screen environment than they were for the first one. And the technology to create a world that completely doesn’t exist except in the mind of a graphic novel artist and a supremely talented filmmaker has finally caught up with their collective imaginations.

But, unfortunately, that is about all that Sin City: A Dame to Kill For has going for it.

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Josh Brolin says he’ll do Goonies 2

goonies Josh Brolin says he’ll do Goonies 2

He seemed a little unsure on his Reddit AMA earlier in the day, however on tonight’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Josh Brolin said he’ll definitely do the long-gestating “Goonies 2″ if it comes to fruition.

“You do a movie like that, you don’t know how it’s going to turn out, and then it turns out into a cult film. And then you’re sick of hearing it after twenty years, because you haven’t done a film that’s any good that actually matches the Goonies.”

Of Richard Donner’s recent comments that a sequel was in the works, and that the original cast were invited back, Brolin responded “I would do it in a second. Of course, I would do it.”

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The Wrap Up: James Cameron Talks About Those ‘Avatar’ Sequels

Avatar Sequels The Wrap Up: James Cameron Talks About Those Avatar Sequels20th Century Fox

ScreenCrush wraps up the latest in movies and TV you might have missed. Today, James Cameron offers an update on the ‘Avatar’ sequels, the first images from the ‘Mission: Impossible 5′ set arrive, and the ‘Dead Rising’ movie gets a director.

FEATURED: James Cameron rhapsodizes about the upcoming ‘Avatar’ sequels in a new Variety article:

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Sin City A Dame to Kill For: Joseph Gordon Levitt Talks Reuniting With “Doc Brown!”

For Joseph Gordon Levitt, joining the cast of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For wasn’t just about diving into the world of Frank Miller that we first were introduced to with those Sin City quotes in 2005. It was purely about working with director Robert Rodriguez and heading to his Austin, Texas-based filmmaking empire, Troublemaker Studios.

sin city a dame to kill for joseph gordon levitt Sin City A Dame to Kill For: Joseph Gordon Levitt Talks Reuniting With “Doc Brown!”

“I was so inspired by that particular aspect,” Levitt admitted to Movie Fanatic.

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