M. Night Shyamalan Getting the SyFy Original Series He Deserves


Tired of having but a meager hour-and-a-half of built up expectations to let down with a hollow, lazy finale, M. Night Shyamalan is making the move into scripted television.

THR reports that the man who thought The Happening was just fine to put his name on will write and direct a pilot for a potential SyFy Channel series called Proof. The script, to be co-written with Fright Night remake writer Marti Noxon, returns Shyamalan to the it-turns-out-there-are-ghosts theme of The Sixth Sense, focusing on an billionaire who loses his parents and offers a huge reward to anyone who can promise him that mommy and daddy’s souls will go on into some kind of afterlife. So, the twist ending will be that up next is Piranhaconda?

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