The Amazing Spider-Man Post-Credits Scene Reveals Sequel Villain?

The very first critique for “The Remarkable Spider-Man” has hit the internet three weeks ahead of the film’s release on July 3rd, 2012.

Comic Book Film spotted the assessment from a Belgian site that rates the film at four stars and also reveals a post-credits spoiler for the film which most likely sets up the sequel’s villain.

Seriously, if you do not want to know then do not read any additional.

1st, here’s the post-credits scene spoiler (with the odd Belgian to English translation)

“Stay certainly are in the constructing for after the credits you get a piece of film exactly where we are the dark side of Irrfan Khan might behold. Speculations have been undertaking the rounds for a although that he would be the Green Goblin in the upcoming The Incredible Spider-Man 2 (2014) , but absolutely nothing is however confirmed.”

Does this mean Irrfan Khan is getting setup as the Proto-Goblin in the sequel? This was certainly a rumour that started creating the rounds when Khan was very first cast in the reboot and is now seemingly confirmed by the new reboot. Does this also mean we may see Norman Osbourne and the Green Goblin in the close to future?

Meanwhile the Belgian website summed up their critique, which you can read translated in complete Right here, with the below summary

“The Remarkable Spider-Man succeeds in an fascinating and innovative mix among intelligent dialogues, humorous suggestions, breathtaking action, moving drama and a focus on the humanity of the characters. But the general tone of the film still has a dark side.”

The Amazing Spider-Man opens July 1st, 2012.

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