The National Movies NNM Portal is the leading IND specialized Internet publication about Upcoming cinema, has been published since December 2011.

The NNM cinema portal daily processes the stream of NNM cinema news and provides the reader with materials about world and domestic NNM: reviews and reviews of new movies distribution, background information on movies and personalities of indian and foreign cinematography, detailed information about movies of the current repertoire (frames, trailers, movie release schedule), results of rental fees, interviews with movie news makers, news of festivals and awards, including exclusive reports and photographs from movie sets and international movie festivals. cooperates with leading domestic and foreign NNM companies (distribution and production), cinema chains and other positions in the movie industry, press services of movie festivals and government organizations. is an information sponsor and partner of indian projects in the world of cinema.

The activity of the movie portal was awarded the National Intel Internet Prize (2011) in the category "Internet and Traditional Culture" and two diplomas of the Media Forum of the social International Movies Festival of the 1st ind  competition of network movie resources "Cinema on the Web" (2011)